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    «Bernet» - is diversified construction company which successfully operates in Republic of Uzbekistan and CIS countries starting from 2007. Acting as general contractor , we offer a wide range of services on the organization and construction management in all areas of industry and civil society. Our company specializes in the construction and reconstruction of gas and oil refineries, pipelines and drainage, development of gas and oil deposits.

  • About

    «Bernet» - is diversified construction company which successfully operates in Republic of Uzbekistan and CIS countries starting from 2007.
    Acting as general contractor , we offer a wide range of services on the organization and construction management in all areas of industry and civil society.
    Our company specializes in the construction and reconstruction of gas and oil refineries, pipelines and drainage, development of gas and oil deposits.

    Vision of the company
    To take a firm position in the market of industrial and civil construction in Republic of Uzbekistan and CIS countries.
    Become a key player in the field of oil and gas construction participating in global socio-economic problems of our country.
    Expanding the geography of projects and creating new strategic alliances with foreign partners, to increase its presence in international markets.

    To satisfy the requirements of customers and exceed their expectations in the implementation of projects of varying complexity, starting from garden house to large industrial facility in any climatic conditions regardless of the location of the object and the types of soils.
    High professionalism and our unique experience - guarantee of quality, competent and sophisticated construction that meets the requirements of both domestic and international standards.

    Strategic goals:
    - strengthen our competitive position in the market of construction and reconstruction of the energy sector and to ensure higher growth rates than the industry average;
    - increased attention to the quality of works at the facility, improving the quality management system;
    - striving to become the undisputed innovator and generator of creative ideas in the field of construction industry, achieving technological superiority over its competitors;
    - develop competitive and effective strategic actions and business - approaches, the implementation of the strategy so as to achieve the intended results;
    – build its own production facilities and improving the interaction between the links of the production structure and control their activities;
    - formation of a new organizational culture and implementation of managerial innovations associated with the reorientation of thinking within the firm by the staff at the company's external problems;
    - identification of internal reserves, increase productivity and efficiency of all available resources;
    - formation of an effective project management system of any complexity;
    - establishment of an effective information exchange within corporation, providing integrated engineering approach in carrying out the full range of activities at each stage of construction;
    - constant emphasis on technical perfection at moderate cost of all services provided;
    - development of new approaches to investing process in the company, taking into consideration its economic strategy.


    «Bernet» - dynamically progressing construction company providing services within construction projects of industrial and civil complexes. Our company has got both domestic and foreign advanced technologies in the sphere of construction.

    We build the whole range of structures, buildings of various assignments, complexity diverse and level of responsibility regardless of environmental effects, types of soils, by guaranteeing herewith the highest quality performance based on the experience of previous years using the latest technologies and resources, fully qualified by domestic and international standards.

    To achieve the goals and objectives of the company highly qualified managers and engineers, with significant background of experience in oil and gas, as well as industrial and civil engineering are working. Corporate objective of «Bernet» is focuses on constant growing of intellectual and industrial potential of the company, providing an integrated engineering approach in oil and gas complex projects, community infrastructure and facilities, and what is more to meet fully the requirements and needs of the customer.

    Our organization is always ready to cooperate with domestic as well as international business representative in terms of multilateral effective collaboration.


    Having started our activity in 2007, we succeed to gain significant experience in design, construction and reconstruction of the projects of various complexity both in Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, as well as in collaboration with international companies from Turkey, Austria, Russia, Germany, Italy, France and etc...

    The history of the company has more than 8 years experience of successful work on Uzbekistan market of contract construction services. During this period our company has implemented a considerable list of projects.

    Geography of Operating activities is constantly spreading, new long-term contracts are been signing concerning production both in Republic of Uzbekistan and CIS countries.



    «Bernet» pays great attention to socially responsible regulation of questions of work, employment and relations of production.
    Fundamental principles of corporate social policy within our company thought the years are:
    - improvement of working conditions of employees both at executive offices and on site of construction;
    - providing with guaranteed social package;
    - initiating and implementing advanced training program of improvement our professional skills;
    - providing with the opportunity to study on job-oriented professional courses for improvement skills of our employees;
    - initiating corporate style of training program;
    - realizing purpose-oriented labour safety actions;
    - organizing corporate actions of our employees.


    Principle Human Resources policy objective of «Bernet» company is to create and therefore to train highly qualified, motivated for work efficiency personnel potential, fitting requirements which are demanded much concerning international corporates and whose ensuring effective solutions of both current and advanced scheduled tasks of the company. By solving human resources issues of selection and thus employment our company puts affords to hire employees of high qualification and managerial capacity in order to solve challenges and achieve strategic objectives of the company, raising competitiveness and firming leading position on construction market.

    The company creates the conditions for openly competitive recruitment of new highlyb qualified and young professionals and educational programs in most successful purposes of attracting young people, provides adaptation for them. Company doing its best to establish longterm relation with every employees. Their basis - adherkence to the requirements of labor. From our side we guarantee our employers competitive level of payment, job security in the condition of meeting high modern standards, assistance in realizing of our employee’ potential at maximum, opportunities to gain needed professional competency in time.


    Skilled architectural and design specialists of our company, including ISU, GAP, engineers, designers, engineers, architects, specialists in engineering equipment, carry out any kind of work on all stages and sections of the design of buildings and constructions I and II levels of responsibility.

    We offer:
    - complex architectural construction design;
    - unique technological solutions;
    - preparation of general scheme-plans of construction area and structures;
    - projects for improvement of areas of buildings and structures;
    - engineering preparation of the area;
    - projects for landscaping of building and structures;
    - engineering system project elaboration (heating, ventilating, conditioning; water supply and sewage);
    - preparation of special sections of project documentation;
    - execute technical and individual supervision on the area of construction;
    - execute project estimates;
    - obtain necessary permits and approvals in construction industry.

    Our company collaborates actively with projecting institution and organization со which are located in different regions of Uzbekistan thus providing with complex approach to design projects implementing.


    According to the contract agreements with Customer «Bernet» company provides with the following range of services general contract with Customer-Investor:
    - accomplishing all kind of work in accordance with the permission;
    - signing agreement of subcontract for the performance of certain types of;
    - organization of construction process;
    - labour safety, environmental and fire safety of construction works;
    - Monitoring the performance of work under contracts of outsourcing and subcontracting;
    - putting into operation on a turnkey basis;
    - drawing up of the executive documentation etc.


    «Bernet » company fulfills the following functional obligations as owner-developer:
    - receiving and processing of initial data for the design of construction and reconstruction;
    - technical accompaniment on a on the stage of designing;
    - processing of permits for construction and reconstruction;
    - providing with the release of the construction area
    - providing with construction materials and equipment;
    - organization and managing the construction;
    - coordination of designing, construction and assembling activities, specialized and other structural subdivision and institutions that conduct projecting, construction and reconstruction of buildings.


    Main priorities of our company are: Quality-Progress-Reliability.

    Quality management in the Company implemented in the context of continuous improvement of business processes, Of 100% quality of each assignment, nvolvement in the fight for quality employees at all levels and units, the collective organization of labor, the desire to benchmark compliance with the requirements of the customer.

    Strategic direction in quality management system of the company is creation the principal Quality Culture, having profound understanding and devotion of each employee and all company’s team to the principals of efficient production.
    We decided to broaden the limits of standardized quality management program appliance and implement universal system of quality management, which is directed not merely to quality improvement of provided services but also includes such issues as human resources selection, Research and development, accounting and reporting, engineering, logistics etc.

    The objective of total quality management - to instill enthusiasm and commitment to the proper performance of tasks throughout the organization from top to bottom.
    Effective implementation techniques of total quality management and continuous improvement - a valuable asset in the portfolio of «Bernet».



    Company «Bernet» focuses on providing comprehensive services in the following areas:


    More than 8 years «Bernet» company and its subdivisions performs on building site of construction and reconstruction of gas and oil complexes, including ground projects and special engineering structures.

    Through years of experience building of significant facilities, the use of modern machinery and equipment, latest technology and quality of work in time, the Company "Bernet" has established itself as a reliable contractor, implementation services for the construction of oil and gas facilities.


    Our company provides services concerning industrial and civil construction which are meeting local requirements of standards as well as international both individually and in liaise with subdivisional partner organizations.

    The whole list of provided services includes:
    - designing;
    - ground work;
    - principal construction;
    - building reconstruction;
    - assembly and piping by technological pipelines;
    - assembly of technological equipment;
    - construction erecting from cast- in-situ и precast concrete reinforcement ;
    - electro-assembling works;
    - installation of instrumentation and automation;
    - ventilation и conditioning;
    - pipeline system of sewage and water-supply assembly;
    - construction of water refining and sewage disposal facilities;
    - sanitary-engineering and finishing works;
    - building and structures projecting on turnkey basis;
    - commissioning;
    - electrical commissioning;
    - interior design of house building and structures;
    - organization of construction production and interaction of projecting, construction, assembling and other organization on the rights of the Contractor with the aim of fulfillment of technical-production agreement’s items;
    -both guarantee maintenance and after sales service.



    The company "Bernet" and its structural divisions successfully solve the most complex technical tasks associated with equipment installations and buildings with ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, water supply, sewage and electrical engineering systems.

    We offer a full range of services, including:
    - internal systems and equipment selection, calculation, projecting and installation of ventilation and conditioning systems, incl. industrial ventilation system assembly;
    - engineering, projecting, assembly of water supply systems of different level of complexity for industrial and municipal structures;
    - engineering, elaboration and all kind of assembling work incl. both installation and elaboration of water refining disposal facilities of various complexity level;
    - elaboration and realization electro projects of various complexity level.


    «Ramos» company employees fulfill projecting of fire-guard alarm system of different complexity within sort terms, conform it to authorities, and thus accomplish qualified OPS assembling well.


    Engineering department fulfill specialized design and assembling of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) projects of various configuration depending on Customer requirements. Our employees have significant experience in dealing with CCTV systems and are ready to offer variety of them for small territories as well as office centers, hotel complexes and industrial structures. We constantly keep in touch with new trends and innovations on CCTV market.

    We offer our Customer unique project scheme, taking into consideration the features of the facility and Customer requirements. After having finished the project we provide with project and technical documentation, provide service and repairs for the entire period of operation of the system.

  • Projects

  • EPC projects

    The company performing works on design, production and supply of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning of objects of oil and gas processing, petrochemical, oil and gas extraction branches on the terms of EPC/EPCM of contracts.

    The construction organization rendering services in the field of construction of facilities of an oil and gas complex on the terms of the general contract with "turnkey" commissioning of the objects.

    We render all complex of construction services from predesign inspection, development of specifications before management of the construction project, supply of equipment, installation and carrying out acceptance tests and commissioning.

    Construction of buildings from laying of the base to thermal insulation and a covering of a roof qualitative materials;
    Construction of fiber-optical communication lines;
    Installation of a metalwork;
    Internal finishing of rooms;
    Improvement of adjacent territories and device of parkings;
    Development of working documentation and architectural supervision;
    Passing of state examination of project documentation;
    Registration of allowing documentation;
    Carrying out complex of engineering researches;
    Complex supply of equipment and materials on object;
    Installation and construction works;
    Technical supervision of construction;
    Input of object in operation.

    Security systems:

    Systems of automatic fire extinguishing;
    Systems of the fire alarm system;
    Warning systems and managements of evacuation;
    Control and management systems for access;
    Alarm systems;
    Systems of protection of perimeter;
    Systems of television supervision;
    Life support systems and communications:
    Systems of scheduling;
    Systems of ventilation;
    Systems of heating (including systems of automatic control);
    Systems of water supply and water disposal;
    Central airs;
    Systems of power supply and lighting;
    Communication systems and communications.

    Implementation of "turnkey" projects includes complex execution of the following types of works:

    Definition and formalization of a technical task;
    Coordination of the made technical solutions and definition of a zone of responsibility of the parties;
    Carrying out researches and design;
    Holding competitions on supply of equipment;
    Holding competitions on performance of contract works;
    Organizations of installation of equipment;
    Performance of commissioning;
    Carrying out acceptance tests and commissioning of the object to the "turnkey" Customer;
    Training of personnel of the Customer;
    Technical support and consultations in use.

    Thus, our Customers have no need to control several contractors performing works on the project. They can entrust the project in reliable hands of experts of Bernet.

    Customers of Bernet receive "turnkey" the objects including modern technologies. From foundation of our company, due to the got long-term successful experience of introduction of new technical solutions and maintenance them in operation, we have learned to understand and warn many risks which accompany difficult projects.

    Our strengths are an effective and operational management of works, taking into account all requirements of the Customer and is standard - legislative base, and also the adapted maintaining the project to local conditions.

  • Quality management system

    In Bernet it is introduced and successfully the quality management system (QMS) constructed on the basis of the ISO 9001:2008 standards functions. The introduced control system of quality is directed to increase of competitiveness and economic stability of the company, continuous improvement of quality of the provided production and services.

    For creation of a high level of credibility from consumers and other interested parties of SMK of the company it is continuously improved. Annually at the expense of a dokumentirovannost, control, the analysis and continuous monitoring of key processes transparency, accuracy, quality and efficiency of adoption of administrative decisions are provided.

    The operating quality management system of the company conforms to requirements of the international ISO 9001:2008 standard that is confirmed by the certificate of conformity.

    Continuous increase of productivity of SMK – guarantee of economic stability and prosperity of the company, and also long-term cooperation with customers.


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